White Drippy Porcelain Planter with Air Plant


White Drippy Porcelain Planter with Air Plant

One-of-a-kind little round white planters with air plants. These are made by pinching technique using white porcelain clay. Stylish way to add a little green in your bedroom or office desk without any effort because air plants aren't high maintenance.

Drippy white glaze is applied fully covering the inside, so it is food safe if you decide to use it as a drinking cup.
Approx. 2.25".

Custom order available upon request. Ask for a quote for a larger quantity.

Care for air plant: spray water once a week or when it looks dry depending on the environment. You can also dip it in a bowl of water for 5 - 10 minutes and let it air dry once a week. Keep in a well-lit room. Sun light or fluorescent light.

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