VIP Dog Bowl - Minimal Modern Cool


Treat your V.I.P. pooch princess or prince in style!
This luxury dog bowl is so stylish, you want to have it out as part of your interior decor expression!
Great for the humans who are into minimalism, modern art, mid-century modern design aesthetic.
Choose your accent line from YELLOW, RED, BLACK or WHITE.

Hand built from slab in very slow process, so place your order by November 14th to ensure delivery before Christmas. Normal turnaround is +/- 4 weeks. The bowl will be gift wrapped.

Stoneware with white glaze, color strip is waxed underglaze.
Large bowl: approx. 7" diameter x 2.25" high. $110
Medium bowl: approx 5.75" x 2". $85
Small bowl: approx. 4.75" x 2". $65
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