VIP Dog Bowl - White with Yellow Line


Treat your V.I.P. pooch princess or prince in style this holiday!
This luxury dog bowl is so stylish, you want to have it out to be seen!
I have a dog (pictured) and her name is Eloise. She is the sweetest dog I ever had, and it's about time that she gets a nice dog bowl. Not just the ones that I kind of hide in the kitchen, but one that is chic and cool enough that I can have it out in the visible area of the house. So I decided to design one, and here it is!

I have hand built this bowl, painted the rectangular bar, in a cool optical illusion way (the outer line seems connected to the inner line) and finished it in glossy white glaze.

This one is ready to ship, and a small batch is being made for a retailer but it'll be a while. You can also have one made to order (3-4 weeks), so just ask!
Stoneware with white glaze, color strip is waxed underglaze.
approx 7" diameter x 2" high.
Free shipping in the U.S.

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